Speciality Services


Specialty Services

  • Bracketing of existing structural beams, trusses, joists (structural materials to dramatically improve wind resistance to existing homes)
  • Moisture upgrades to improve resistance to water infiltration and the problems this causes
  • Surgical rot repair: using propriety techniques for repairing rotting interior and exterior structures. Restoring both structural soundness and moisture resistance to buildings

Interior and Exterior Renovations

  • Upgrades to Windows and Doors
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations
  • And more...

When we work on your project, we are respectful, professional, and conscious of your privacy.
Old world craftsman, bringing back the joy of our profession. Additionally, we are conservation-oriented and like to leave properties better improved than before we started our work.


Working Along Waterways for
High-Value Properties

  • Working together with architects, municipalities, and other companies to better improve the building process along these natural waterways
  • Protecting the land while building and working
  • Completing the project with the protection of these waterways at the forefront of our process